Shadowrun: Shadows of Giza

Where you come in...

Where you come in:

You, cheeky roleplayer person, are a corporate wageslave. You begin the story in a small subsidiary company called Morpheus Labs. You have a SIN (Social Identification Number), You do your taxes, you pay your union dues. While the state that Cairo’s in isn’t particularly appealing, the freedom of research your firm is able to proceed with within the environment is likely the reason the company was established here. Within that freedom, your project has flourished.

In a nutshell, your company is focused on Information withdrawls, Deposits, reprogramming and suggestion capable of the human and metahuman brain during REM sleep. While the science of this process is rather in depth, the basic direction of the technology takes the human brain as it is naturally and treats it as a computer, interfacing with it directly in a non invasive format at the state it’s most open to suggestion. Money inflates, buildings crumble, and weapons rust. Secrets however, last quite a bit longer.



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