Shadowrun: Shadows of Giza

OOC tools to be used:

There’s a few things that we’ll be using for this campaign, some of them are for ease of access, others are just neat.

Okay all of them are ease of access AND neat, but that’s beside the point.

Starting out, All characters will be built, maintained with SR4CG. This program is awesome and you will learn (without much difficultly) to absolutely love it.

You can download the program here:

Characters will be stored on dropbox for ease of access. (We’ll figure out which dropbox on sunday)

As for the build, here’s where things will get interesting. You will start with 150 build points. Just 150. I know. It’s pretty shit, that’s the point. Here’s the kicker though, unlike a standard game, You have plenty of means to gain back points through use of Negative qualities. In a normal game, you only get to choose 5 of these max. In this game, you get to have as many as you can comfortably play. You’ll find that the negative qualities you choose will help you round out your character and get a better feel for them quicker. You’ll also find that this should well open your BP pool a bit.

Next up is Roll 20

Roll 20 is a neat little tool used for online RPGs like this that can be as easy or as massively complex as you want it to be. Generally this is great for DnD because you can just build your maps, set your variables and help smooth out details in a visual format.

But fuck that noise. I run by the seat of my pants. A lot of this shit I’ll be making up on the fly because I dig that sort of thing. Soon as you lot create an account, I will invite you into the campaign so you have easy access. We be using roll 20 for two major things.

1. Having an open forum for dice so folk won’t be tempted to lie on rolls


2. Make use of a visual media that I can have pre set if the occasion so fits me and I plan ahead on more than just the story. Otherwise we’ll be using the next tool:


This is an online whiteboard more apt for the seat of the pants RP I’m fond of. If I need to show you something visually that I haven’t prepared for, I will be doing it here. You can get there from the following link:

Finally and most importantly is this site right here, Obsidian Portal. Portal is great because it will give us the ability to keep folk updated on the things that have gone down previously as well as a means to update folk when we’re not easy to get a hold of. After every session, one of the players will take on the roll as scribe and record briefly the events of the session. It doesn’t have to be in depth, just something to go over what happened that game. This will be determined at the beginning of each campaign using a d6. When a person runs the roll of scribe, he/she will not perform this duty until everyone in the rotation has done the roll. Afterwards the rotation will restart and rolling will commence.



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