“I’d been fading in and out ever since I walked through the elevator.

The wound at my side felt like I’d been leaning on an exposed nail on a picket fence. Round had missed my lung and in turn a sucking chest wound, but didn’t exactly fall into the scratch category. Broken rib without a doubt and possibly entry into the DIGESTIVE track. Didn’t want to think about it. Stimulants and a pressure dressing were keeping me on my feet but those would only hold up for so long.

I had zoned out glaring at the blinking cursor of a console that was years outdated before me. The ringing chime of an alarm from a far distant corner of the facility rang out but this wasn’t a new development. The guards weren’t coming, not here. After a while, a chiming bell just becomes background and eventually your ears loose the frequency all together. It’s funny how the smallest things can scatter your attention, send you adrift and pull your mind from everything barring you. Funnier still is what redirects your focus. It was Q’s voice that pulled me from the daze.
“How is this even a question?” she chimed, her voice weary from coming this far. “He’s the reason for all this. The firm, Having to squander in piss living for months, being turned into personal play things, Countless deaths. Everything is gone Doc.” the tone she hell slowly rose in volume as her words elevated in pitch. She was angry and she had the right to be. “Everything…”

As her final word caught my ears, I CONTINUED to hold my gaze on the blinking console.

*Auxilary protocols disabled.
Self contained unit stasis: Online.
Matrix intergration: Disconnected.

That was it. One word: Command over and over. Every hole we’d hidden in and wall we’d broken through came down to that. And I was the one to push the button. “I know…” My words were SLOW, it hurt like sin to talk, “…I don’t like it either.”

I felt her hand move to my shoulder and I could feel warmth even through the fibers of the armor. Maybe it was my imagination, I’m not sure. “Just pull the plug doc. Pull the damn thing and be done with it.”

How the hell did I even find myself here. Seems like yesterday I was a working stiff with a SIN and everything. I never shot a gun, hell I didn’t know the shadows from a Saturday morning cartoon show. How did I fall this far down the rabbit hole?

“Doc please…”

I miss the days where the world was simple…

Shadowrun: Shadows of Giza